About Havets Hus

Havets Hus was founded in 1993 and is today one of the most popular destinations in the Bohuslän region.

Every year, close to 80 000 visitors get acquainted with over 100 fascinating species – from the lesser spotted dogfish to dead man’s finger. All of the species live in the West Coast seas.

The Havets Hus aquariums offer lots of exciting experiences. The journey begins in the shore area and continues through the different habitats of the ocean, down to the seafloor at great depth.

Our aquariums are continuously fed with sea water from the Gullmar fjord, collected a depth of 32 metres. The salinity is around 30 to 33 per thousand and the water quality is very good; free of contaminants and with good oxygenation. This is a prerequisite for the wellbeing of the aquarium fish and animals.

a photo of one of the aquariums at Havets Hus. Two visitor in front of the aquarium.


Havets Hus shall spread the knowledge about marine life and its importance, thus attracting the interest of the present and coming generations, by using the knowledge of generations past and by applying science and being innovative.


Havets Hus’ vision is to be the leader of knowledge-sharing on the sea, with a focus on the West Coast Seas by:

  • Providing experience-based learning
  • Having fun together
  • Constantly evolving
  • Getting inspired by and learn from research


Havets Hus offers fun and educational experiences about life in the Western Sea/West Coast seas for primarily for families with children, in the spring and autumn for school children and year round for older active persons.

During low-intensity periods, Havets Hus offers new impetus to employees, thereby creating a developing opportunity for employees and the business. Thereby good employees are recruited and retained.

Havets Hus grows together with partners.

Havets Hus enriches the experience of the visitors and strengthens the brand Havets Hus and the Lysekil municipally by being a credible expert on marine life – mainly the Westcoast sea – and by practicing what we preach and working to preserve the ocean habitats.


When Havets Hus opened in the summer of 1993, the business was organized as a self-management unit reporting to the Lysekil City Council. In 2005, it was transferred to a municipally-owned company; Havets Hus in Lysekil AB.

Havets Hus i Lysekil AB is owned by Lysekil Stadshus AB which in turn is owned by the municipality of Lysekil.

The Company operates a public marine aquarium in Lysekil with operations that have a natural respect thereto. The company’s purpose is to teach about and show the marine world’s wildlife and conditions, concentrating primarily on the immediate area, the West coast seas, and related business. The Company is expected to cater to various categories of visitors, such as students. It is also expected to be actively involved in the promotion and development of tourism in the municipality of Lysekil.

Havets Hus i Lysekil