Havets hus is located in downtown Lysekil, right on the quai. You will find accommodation and restaurants nearby, as well as the Havsbadet Marina and recreation area.

Address: Strandvägen 9, Lysekil

Arriving by bus

There is a bus stop outside Havets Hus. Bus line 841 services Lysekil from Gothenburg. You may also take the 860 and change at Torp. The Torp Uddevalla bus stop serves as connecting hub for buses arriving to Torp from the east/north.

Bus 850 services Lysekil from Munkedal and the Sotenäs area. The Hallinden bus stop serves as a connecting stop for buses arriving from the Sotenäs area (Smögen, Kungshamn, Hunnebostrand etc).

Bus 860 also services Lysekil from Uddevalla city, by changing buses at Torp.

For help with your journey please see Västtrafik’s online travel planner or call their customer service on +46 (0)771-41 43 00.

Arriving by car

  • Southbound on E6: Take exit number 101 with a sign saying Lysekil, Smögen. From here it is 25 km scenic driving along Road 162.  When entering Lysekil please follow parking signs for Havets Hus.
  • Northbound on E6:Shortly after driving across the Uddevalla bridge, take exit number 96 with a sign saying “Ferry Lysekil”. Keep following the signs, entering Road 161. From here it takes 20-30 minutes to reach the ferry, which is free and swallows quite a few cars. Ferry time table. Enjoy your ride across the Gullmar Fjord. Then follow signs for Lysekil. When entering Lysekil please follow parking signs for Havets Hus. If you are travelling at night, after midnight: skip the ferry and Road 161. Continue north on the E6 until exit number 101, with a sign saying Lysekil, Smögen. From here onwards you travel Road 162 straight on until you enter Lysekil.

Parking 20 th June – 18 th August 2019

Free parking and shuttlebuses are available from Dalskogen 118 to Havets Hus. You’ll find signs on your way into Lysekil. The shuttlebuses will operate every twenty minutes from approx: 10am – 19 pm during 19th of June until 20th of August 2017. During lunch break, between 13.30 – 14.30 you’ll have to take another bus or wait for the next scheduled bus.

Timetable daily, between 19th june to 20th of August 2019:

From. Dalskogen From Havets Hus
10:10 10:20
10:30 10:40
10:50 11:00
11:10 11:20
11:30 11:40
11:50 12:00
12:10 12:20
12:30 12:40
12:50 13:00
13:10 13:20
13:30 13:40
13:50 14:00
Lunchbreak Lunchbreak
15:10 15:20
15:30 15:40
15:50 16:00
16:10 16:20
16:30 16:40
16:50 17:00
17:10 17:20
17:30 17:40
17:50 18:00
18:10 18:20
18:30 18:40
18:50 19:00

Parking all other times: Only a few parking slots are available at Havets Hus. When arriving in Lysekil, please follow the P-signs to our big parking lot located in Norra hamnen, approximately 700 meters walk from Havets hus.

GPS Coordinates

  • Havets Hus: N 58° 16.157′, E 11° 25.896′
  • Parking lot:  N 58° 16.485′, E 11° 25.633′

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