Rödhaj can go really deep. Sometimes as deep as 700 metres. Lesser spotted dogfish Blågylta The cuckoo wrasse can start out as a she – and then become a he. Hummer The lobster each time it moults grows up to 15 mm Bläckfisk The squid has three hearts and the blood is blue or greenish. Yes, some fishes actually make sounds. The conger eel whistles! Sjögurka When the gets scared it spits out all its intestines sea cucumber

Havets Hus is open daily

Havets Hus, the saltwater aquarium in Lysekil, is open daily.

One of West Sweden’s most popular attractions gives you a closer look on life in the westerns sea.

Life arose in the sea. The sea outside Lysekil contains thousands of species, of which about 130 are fish. There are more than 100 animal species in our aquarium. Begin at the shallow beaches. Walk through various environments into the depths of the outer archipelago of the western sea. We offer daily programmes, camps, seal safari’s, guided tour, miniature golf and more.

On the premises you’ll find both a restaurant and a souvenir shop.


We at Havets Hus take the spread of the corona virus seriously and follow the recommendations of the Public Health Authority. We follow the regulations and and have restricted tha amount of visitors in the aquarium.  Read more here.


We are Cash free

Havets Hus are cash free for better safety and quick and easy handling.


Havets Hus i Lysekil