A big thank you to everyone who helps us in our mission to demonstrate and teach about life in the west coast seas.

Sponsors and contributors:

Carapax AB

The Institute of Marine Research, Lysekil

Jan Bomans Åkeri AB, Lysekil

The Marine Sciences station Kristineberg

LL 628 Atlantic AB

Dive Team, Lysekil

Risör Aquarium, Norway

Strandflickorna Sea Hotel and Conference, Lysekil

The Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences – Kristineberg

Sylve Robertsson, retired anchor master, Lysekil

U/F Ancylus, The Fisheries Agency


Individuals who have donated animals to Havets Hus:

Hugo and Wiggo Hjalmarsson – a tadpole fish and a hermit crab caught outside Kungshamn.

Göran Upper, Lysekil – several octopuses of the genus Eledone cirrhosa.

Johan and Robert Sterner, Oxevik – a very rare crab, Goneplax rhomboides, caught at Måseskär.

Kerstin and Tony Roysson, Grundsund – fishes and evertebrater.

Bobbo Roysson, Grundsund – a cuttlefish, Loligo forbesi/vulgariss and a tretaggs crab, Geryon spp.

Patrik Emilsson – a tångsnärta, Chirolophis ascanii.

Nicklas Åman, Lysekil – A lesser octopus/horned octopus, Eledone cirrhosa.

Magnus Hansson, LL Gullmarsfjord – two congers, Conger conger, caught in the Gullmar fjord.

Mattias Öberg and Niklas Läckström, Lysekil

Hans-Ove Martinsson and Roland Ask, Stocken, Orust




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