Image: Visitors in a small tunnel.

When you step into Havets Hus you are soon surrounded by nearly 30 aquariums, ranging from tiny ones to larger walk-through aquariums, all filled with exiting creatures. You can touch starfish, crabs and hermit crabs in the touch pool, watch sharks, rays and congers swim above your head in the tunnel aquarium, or have a seat in the Cockoo wrasse hall and let yourself be fascinated by the marine life in the large cylinder-shaped tank.

Our aquariums are continuously fed with fresh, cold sea water from a depth of 32 metres. We strive to recreate the ocean habitats (biotopes) as realistically as possible. We also adapt them to the individual needs of the species, both for the animals and the plants. This way life in the tanks is very much like the natural marine habitat.

Check out which animals like the shallow beach area with its  rocky bottom and which ones thrive better in deeper water. Some prefer the eelgrass meadows while others like soft sand bottoms or to stay around ship wrecks.

Image: Thornbackray, diver and visitors in tunnel.
  • 30 aquariums in the Havets Hus facility
  • 70 litres of water in our smallest aquarium
  • 140 000 litres have been poured in to our biggest aquarium – the tunnel aquarium

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