Daily program during X-mas holidays

Daily program during X-mas holidays, 28-30/12 & 2-7/1.

11.00 Wild kids behind the scenes

12.00 Short film – “Plastic currents”, a dilemma for the west coast  of  Sweden

13.00 Guide by the touchpool

14.00 Reverse fishing – come and join a sustainable fishing

15.00 A short pesentation of our most common marine birds



Paintshop for children

Make a drawing of a shark that can be a part of our shark exihibition

Nightwandering at Havets Hus – 28/12 and 4/1 2016

Starts 19,00, the entrance is open from 18.40. N.B. registration in advance to 0523-668161 or

Havets Hus i Lysekil